Ethical Brands

Corporations may tout ethical products, but are they ethical brands?

Ethical Brands

Big tech has come a long way. While they may provide carbon neutral products, or services, are these corporations entirely ethical? We take a look at which brands tick which boxes.

Cobalt, lithium and boron are things you probably don’t think much about. You’ve probably heard of ‘blood diamonds’ but have you heard of ‘conflict minerals’? 

You’d be surprised how many appliances and tools contain rare earth materials that poison rivers and ruin landscapes – not to mention the forced labor that goes with it. We investigate just how green these gadgets are.

We’re passionate about products with a cause. Ethical and sustainable means to have as little environmental impact as possible. It means cruelty free, it means slavery free, and it means regenerative. 

And it’s no longer just about not doing any harm! It’s also about providing a positive contribution, and actually leaving things better than you found it. That’s what ethical, social and sustainable business is about. 

We’re making sure that we’re not just throwing words like ‘eco’ and ‘green’ around lightly. The household products we’ll be featuring on this website are ones that have been thoroughly investigated. They’re products that we look at with a somewhat critical lens to make sure they’re making a net positive contribution to people and planet. 

It’s still early days for us (we only set up late 2020) but you can find plenty more about us on our Instagram page.

Other Sustainable Products:

Can green tech help save the world? Possibly. 

By utilising some of the best technologies to monitor and track climate action, we can better tackle the climate crisis. 

Technology is simply a tool, and tools help solve problems. Provided we don’t continue producing ‘throwaway’ items, we believe technology can be used ethically. 

Ethical tech means producing quality items that last a long time. It means being carbon positive, not just carbon neutral. It means making sure the supply chain is slavery free. 

Join us in researching technological solutions to fixing the planet.