Banking & Finance: Ethical edition

There are ethical investments out there – but do they go far enough? Is there such a thing as ethical retirement?

Ethical Retirement

Those that are fortunate enough to have savings, look no further. We’re diving deep into all the ethical funds out there to see if they’re legitimate or simply greenwashed. 

We know that ethical retirement funds have a bright future ahead. Green technology, renewable energy and developing nations will be the driving force. Get on it!

Money makes the world go ’round… Well, when used as a force for good, can it actually make a difference?

Boycotts and restricting investments into harmful industries actually works. 

We’re here to help you put your money were your mouth is.

Ethical Banking Articles:

We’re passionate about products with a cause. Ethical and sustainable means to have as little environmental impact as possible. It means cruelty free, it means slavery free, and it means regenerative. 

And it’s no longer just about not doing any harm! It’s also about providing a positive contribution, and actually leaving things better than you found it. That’s what ethical, social and sustainable business is about. 

We’re making sure that we’re not just throwing words like ‘eco’ and ‘green’ around lightly. The household products we’ll be featuring on this website are ones that have been thoroughly investigated. They’re products that we look at with a somewhat critical lens to make sure they’re making a net positive contribution to people and planet. 

It’s still early days for us (we only set up late 2020) but you can find plenty more about us on our Instagram page.

Other Ethical Topics:

Ethical Banking

Financial corporations make a lot of money. They also get bailed out by Governments when they stuff up. Our economies rely on them. 

Our questions are simply whether these institutions are doing enough for the climate, for human rights, and for equality. 

There’s a certain kind of greenwashing going on with some banks and financial institutions. So called ‘ethical funds’ don’t invest in weapons, tobacco and more recently fossil fuels. However we question if these funds are doing anything beneficial such as encouraging green technology, renewable energy and equality. 

Join us on our journey into ethical banking.