Sustainable & Ethical Vegan products

Keeping to a vegan diet is truly heroic. Go that extra step to make sure you’re purchasing ethical vegan products

Ethical Vegan Products

A plant based diet is a fabulous way to live life. It's ethical and super good for you.

However it's important to know where your products come from. Some are mass-harvested, depleting soils and resulting in monocropping. Others are simply unethical resulting in forced labor.

We digest which are some of the most ethical vegan products on the market.

“Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it ‘my appetite is more important than your suffering’?” Moby


Sustainable & Ethical articles from our writers:

Ethical Vegan Products

We look at all sorts of products ranging from: 

Tofu and Soy products

Vegetables and Fruit

Vegan Cheese

Coconut products

 It’s not easy to manage a sustainable pantry, particularly limiting waste and your carbon footprint. It actually requires a tonne of research and scrutiny, which quite frankly takes time. 

That’s where we come in. 

We’re here to make your life easier by thoroughly vetting and reviewing these products so that you can save time. 

We’re passionate about products with a cause. Ethical and sustainable means to have as little environmental impact as possible. It means cruelty free, it means slavery free, and it means regenerative. 

And it’s no longer just about not doing any harm! It’s also about providing a positive contribution, and actually leaving things better than you found it. That’s what ethical, social and sustainable business is about. 

We’re making sure that we’re not just throwing words like ‘eco’ and ‘green’ around lightly. The household products we’ll be featuring on this website are ones that have been thoroughly investigated. They’re products that we look at with a somewhat critical lens to make sure they’re making a net positive contribution to people and planet

It’s still early days for us (we only set up late 2020) but you can find plenty more about us on our Instagram page.


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